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School of Continuing Education of WZBC is located in Chashan Higher Education Zone of Wenzhou. It adjoins Daluoshan to the south and Sanya Wetland to the north. It is an ideal place for self-cultivation and exploring the knowledge. Wenzhou University and WZBC select full-time teachers to teach in the school. At the same time, the school invites domestic and foreign experts and scholars to teach in it. It proactively adapts to the needs of society, actively expands the channels for education, and carries out many different ways of continuous education, such as full-time “high-skilled + academic qualifications” self-study, correspondence education, associate to Bachelor degree program, on-job postgraduate education, vocational qualifications and skills training, and civil servant training.

By January 2020, School of Continuing Education had more than 1,100 enrolled students in "full-time + high-skilled", more than 130 on-job postgraduates of previous years, more than 1,500 students improved their education background through self-study exams and correspondence education. They were more than 1,500 people participated in vocational qualification skills training, civil servant supervision training, and other training programs.

School of Continuing Education of WZBC adheres to the academy's motto of “Keeping Your Minds Ahead and Keeping Pace with the Times”, and carries forward the spirit of “Down-to-earth, Self-improvement”. It aims to cultivate the talents of “good quality, solid foundation, skilled experience, and flexible transformation”. It insists the purpose of serving the society, keeping forging ahead , innovating the education model, in order to build a perfect adult education platform, and cultivate inter-disciplinary and applied talents with international view and innovative consciousness.